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You want to find a Lender that you feel comfortable with as you (and I, together) will be working closely with them from the moment you obtain your pre-approval for a mortgage loan to the day you close on your new home. Actually, if your lending institution does not change who services your loan once you close, you will be working with this Loan Officer even after you close on the home. You want a Loan Officer that can get you the best interest rate, provide any savings to you through programs that you are eligible for, and one who communicates timely as well.

Providing the names of Loan Officers below does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of these Loan Officers by me or my brokerage. It is the responsibility of you, the buyer, to exercise whatever due diligence you feel is necessary to ascertain the Loan Officer’s qualifications and reputation to make the most informed decision for your lending needs.

Below are Loan Officers that I have worked with that have provided exceptional service and value to my clients and can be a starting point for you to consider. There is absolutely no expectation or obligation to hire any of these Loan Officers. You are welcome to research and work with any Loan Officer you ultimately prefer!

NOTE: All logos, names, and branding associated with the companies listed on this page belong to the respective company and are protected by their Copyright and/or Trademark.

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