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I strongly suggest you have a home inspection conducted when buying or selling a home. Since the walls cannot talk to you, a home inspection is the most informative way to know the current condition of the home. In addition to a home inspection, you may decide to have additional inspections conducted, such as radon testing, termite testing, and/or lead testing, etc. Make sure you ask the company you call what inspections they offer, as you might be able to save a little money by bundling inspections with one company.

Providing the names of licensed home inspectors below does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of those inspectors by me or my brokerage. It is the responsibility of you, the buyer, to exercise whatever due diligence you feel is necessary to ascertain the home inspector’s qualifications and reputation before entering into a home inspection contract.

Below are home inspectors that I have worked with that have provided exceptional service and value to my clients and can be a starting point for you to consider. There is absolutely no expectation or obligation to hire any of these home inspectors. You are welcome to research and hire any companies you ultimately prefer!

NOTE: All logos, names, and branding associated with the companies listed on this page belong to the respective company and are protected by their Copyright and/or Trademark.

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