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Living In Columbus, Ohio: Pros and Cons

Hey there! Let's talk about living in Columbus, Ohio and the things, if I could change, I would.


Hey there, it's Rigs (Sharyn Rigsbee), a Realtor with Coldwell Banker King Thompson here in Columbus Ohio. I've shared that I have lived here in Columbus, Ohio all my life - I love living here but let's be real there is always something we want to change if we can. So today I'm gonna share with you a few things that I absolutely love and some things I would change if I had the power to do so. Let's get started.

Let's talk about the things I want to change like now, yesterday. You get my drift?

THE CONS (What I would love to change . . .)

#1 | The Weather

The first one right now would be the weather. It has been so up and down here it's crazy and if I could be real that can be how Ohio or the Midwest is but like it's been crazy. For example, it was like sunny on Sunday 70 degrees then Monday was 50 degrees then Tuesday was like minus 20 - like it's just weird and crazy but you know if you need that consistency - not sure - you might just have to let that go because it's a cool place to live.

#2 | The Roads

The next thing I would say, right now surprisingly are the roads. Now let me preface by saying the City of Columbus typically is really really great and I'm sure our weather has not helped but right now I feel like I'm driving in pothole city and I hate it but the City is communicating with us that if we call a number we can report what we need to and they'll fix the potholes - they need us to help them. I'll get on it, yeah.

#3 | Lack of Dancing Venues

The third thing right now I would say that I'm not so a fan of is - if you are like me, I'm a dancing girl and I'm always wanting to vibe with something. We have so many great spots and clubs if you want to grab a cocktail meet some friends get some good food but like if you want that like legit adult crowd good dancing good music bands, I feel like we're just lacking that in comparison to other metros. It's kind of a bummer too because I would be there every weekend! Yes dancing, that's me! And I feel like we are missing it. If you go to other big metros - they have it all so I wish we had that. If I could change it, I'll make Club Rigs. Yeah!

#4 | Limited Public Transportation

The next thing I would say is we have limited public transportation. We don't have a subway system or train system like some of the other metro areas do. We do have our public busing system through COTA (Central Ohio Transit Authority) which is awesome but honestly, it doesn't go everywhere which busing can't right so if you don't have transportation and busing doesn't go where you need to you're kind of in a space of having to rely on you know friends, Uber Lyft, cab service. We just don't have more options. COTA's great but some limited options there too.

#5 | Increasing Rent Prices

The last thing I'll mention is I think it's worth mentioning unfortunately rent is going up a bit here pretty rapidly in some areas too and it depends on where you live and it is due to the growth we've been having here in Columbus and it's not everywhere but if you're looking to be in some certain areas, rent is up. This makes buying a bit more appealing but not everyone's in this space to buy right now you get my drift. So it's kind of challenging depending on where you want to be but there are still a lot of really good affordable places to live here in Columbus and our city is working on fixing that rent rising, affordability housing issue too. Love them for that.

Let's talk about what I love about living here because honestly, that's what I rather talk about because I really do love sharing how great I feel Columbus is.

THE PROS (The things I love about Columbus . . .)

#1 | The Fun Stuff To Do Here

I'm gonna start by saying just grouping this all together - there is so much to do here. Like if you are a busy body and you want to just experience outdoor, indoor, concerts, plays, music, clubs,

drinking food - we have everything. We really do. I commend Columbus for what they've done to grow into what we are today over the last 10 years. It is phenomenal to see that it really is something for everyone and when you couple that with the diversity here - winner!

#2 | Job Opportunities

Next thing I would say, yes I'll be an adult here, let's be real the job industry is important and making sure that if you're here that you can make the money that you need to live here comfortably is important. I have a video on this topic (see link below) to help you explore that if you want to know what cost of living is like. But here in Columbus, I've talked about this we have a lot of corporate headquarters here which means jobs good strong companies here so you're gonna be set - depending on what your field is I just feel like if you're here you're gonna be able to get that job get going and really be able to make it and make those ends.

#3 | Really Little Traffic

The next thing I would say is we have very little traffic for a metro area which is pretty awesome. If you think of your Chicago, New York, California - those metros are a little bit larger but they have traffic all the time and Columbus honestly doesn't it is so fantastic. Now yes we get your morning rush hour your evening rush hour but aside from that we are golden and I have to commend the City too, we've got Nationwide Arena, The Convention Center, The Huntington Ballpark - we've got these big venues and they do an incredible job of getting us in and out during those times too.

#4 | The Weather

Am I allowed to mention the weather as a good thing that I love but I just said it was not? Hear me out when the weather is good it's so good and we have your typical seasons here so we're not 70 degrees all year no we're not. But I'm telling you we are having a really mild winter right now and the bigger scheme of things. Yes, we just had like -10 degrees like probably like a week ago but we had like 50 degrees for wintertime like I had a light jacket on and then three days later I had a big coat on but you get my drift. Like Spring, Summer, Fall - beautiful here, really beautiful here.

#5 | Big City With Surrounding Smaller Communities

And the last thing that I want to mention is honestly about the big city - Columbus is a bigger city but if you love smaller towns, smaller feel you will get it here because we have so many surrounding communities that just wrap right around us you can go there and feel like you have literally it all. I'm a foodie if you didn't know that I love good restaurants and so I love going to places that have been awesome of these big food shows like Tommy's and DK diner and the Thurman cafe. There are surrounding communities like Grandview and German Village and just outside of downtown just to name a few. I'm gonna have to do a video on all of those communities so you understand what I'm saying how great they are.

So let me know in the comments below where you're currently living and what you love about your city or what you don't love about your city!

That's all I have for now. Stay fabulous and productive!

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