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Review these honest testimonials from some of my clients.

I trusted Sharyn Rigsbee with my needs w/o hesitation! Sharyn educated me on the best possible outcome, assured me along the way, built my confidence back up when I had doubts! My confidence in her level of service goes well beyond the expectation of Coldwell Banker King Thompson, as her spirit and follow-through is who she is as an individual; just plain awesomeness hands down! I am so privileged to have worked with her and I will trust no one else to work as hard for me as she did! #ServiceNotSales #Exceeded #AskRigs #Everything! Thank you!! Everything went perfect. Sharyn Rigsbee guided me and fully informed me with each step along the way! I could not have gotten any better person to work as diligently as she did to sell my home! Sharyn’s nature is so charismatic and charming, she truly #WokeUpLikeThis! Lol

Sharyn is excellent! She was always professional and respectful, as well as trustworthy and knowledgeable (particularly about the Columbus real estate market, but also the entire process of the sale). She removed obstacles to the sale and did whatever it took to ensure that we were comfortable. She also did a fantastic job keeping us informed throughout the whole process. In addition, she fully understood my situation and provided a clear path forward. She delivered on her promises. She was always prepared and explained each step in the process, answered all my questions, and did it gracefully and professionally. I will never forget the experience I had with Sharyn while selling my property - and I will be referring her to everyone I meet/know if they are in the market for an agent.

~ LaToya

~ Rebecca

Sharyn is a top-notch realtor. She not only helped us find the perfect home, but made the home buying process much less stressful than we anticipated. We were first time home buyers and knew very little about the entire process. She is organized, thorough, and extremely hard working. She answered any and all questions we had and advocated for us in every way. We would recommend Sharyn to anyone!

Sharyn made my home purchase experience extremely comfortable and stress-free. She always kept in contact with us and made us feel like she wanted the best house for our needs. She built a trust that made us feel really comfortable with going into contract with a house. We felt like she had our best interest at all times and would let us know if she had a bad feeling about a house. Her patience and personality made looking for a house feel like you were on an HGTV show. Definitely a great experience!

~ Jaynie

~ Dexter

Sharyn was AMAZING! She was extremely knowledgeable and just stayed on top of things. I felt like I was in good hands and never really felt like I needed to worry about anything. She just exemplifies what customer service is. At one point our schedule got sort of hectic and she was more than willing to work with us and accommodate our requests. Sharyn made this stressful time worth it. I will recommend her to everyone I know buying or selling. Her energy and positivity are unmatched!

Sharyn was simply amazing. She was always accessible when I needed her. She went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with this entire process. She listens and most importantly she cared about the client. It wasn't about just making a sale. She wanted to ensure we got our home. The home we painted a picture of from our first meeting.

~ Angelic

~ Nakia

Sharyn is amazing and navigated us through the process of selling our first house perfectly, she had excellent communication skills, was easy to get a hold of and always answered our questions and anticipated our needs. She has exceptional integrity, character, and knowledge. If she doesn't know the answer she will find out....and fast! There is no question you will be well-taken care of with her as a realtor. We are moving out of state so I have a direct comparison with another realtor and I wish Sharyn was helping us find our new place. She made something very stressful and emotional incredibly stress-free! She is meant for this job!

Let me put this simply...I fell out of contract during the remedy process and Sharyn Rigsbee had me back in contract with another buyer within 24 hours - WHILE ON VACATION IN CALIFORNIA! From listing to close it was 43 days and Sharyn never missed a beat! Sharyn was extremely knowledgeable, well-informed, and provided pivotal direction when it was needed. Believe me when I say - Sharyn is the agent you need to hire! Her motto is #ServiceNotSales, and she absolutely proved that to be true EVERY step of the way!!

~ Hillary

~ Anthony

Sharyn did a fantastic job with a difficult move for us - we relocated out-of-county. She was professional, friendly and enthusiastic throughout the process, and dealt with the problems that cropped up promptly, reassuring us that our sale would go through. Despite all the obstacles, she made it happen!

~ Cindy

Sharyn is a true gem with a heart of gold. Her passion and attention to detail, timely response and genuine care for clients drove her desire to help find and secure the best home for our family. I highly recommend her and will definitely work with her again! First time home buyers, #AskRigs!

~ Mya

Excellent service from beginning to end! Sharyn helped me purchase my first home and the process could not have gone any smoother thanks to her. Based on her strong communication and overall relationship skills I was well informed and most importantly felt that I could trust Sharyn. She took the time to learn my vision and the needs of my family. Since being in my home for 6 months I still speak highly of her to family and friends. I recently reached out to Sharyn and she continues to be very responsive, resourceful and overall, kind. Sharyn was easy to work with, a great listener, accessible, provides thorough communication and does an excellent job representing her client's best interest in a professional manner at all times. Sharyn comes highly recommended!

~ Kya

Looking for a home takes time and patience. Marking October as my deadline giving me 1 full year, I was ready to quit. After going through a couple agents I had lost hope until Sharyn Rigsbee came along. With her upbeat personality and knowledge in the craft, she helped me find a home for my little family. Words cannot explain how grateful I am, that she took the time to help me find a home. I am happy a friend reached out and referred her to me and I am more than willing to do the same. Each step along the way she was there to explain in detail everything I needed to know. As a first time home buyer, it was nice to have someone right there to look over details that I would definitely miss and go unnoticed. I'm so grateful to have worked with such an incredible agent.

~ Alyssa

Sharyn was absolutely excellent in everything she did. She kept the sellers updated with our current status and followed up with our lender on all issues. She stepped forward on the sale of our current house and basically took over the responsibilities of the buyer's agent. The buyer's loan company dropped the ball and Sharyn fought to get everything completed as fast as physically possible. Her efforts saved us much heartache and money. Absolutely love her!

~ Jon

Sharyn was an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you for being so patient with me and the many houses we went to see. Thank you for being so kind to my family and making this experience a great and easy one. You are very persistent, knowledgeable and great at what you do and your outgoing personality makes it all the better!

~ Lauren

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